Features for Managing Your Hivemapper Fleet

Device Locking

When you are entrusting one of your fleet drivers with a Hivemapper Dashcam, you’ll want certainty that you’ll have complete control over which wallets are able to connect to that device. A fleet operator will be able to connect several wallets to each device in their fleet. This ensures that whether your drivers are in the same vehicle each day, or if they swap from day to day, you’ll be covered.

Hivemapper Dashcams controlled by your fleet can be accessed by any of your drivers, and each driver can access any camera from across your fleet
Access lists are stored locally on the device to ensure that only your fleet’s drivers can access your Hivemapper Dashcams

HONEY Rewards — Token Splitting

As drivers in your fleet upload 4K street-level imagery in the Hivemapper mobile app, you’ll start to receive HONEY token rewards for those contributions to the map. To help align incentives, fleet operators will often choose to split these rewards between themselves (for providing the hardware) and the drivers (for driving the vehicle). In order to remove accounting headaches, complicated tax implications, and automate these payments, Hivemapper has placed token splitting at the blockchain layer.

Easily manage, edit and audit your fleet from within the Fleet Manger on the Hivemapper Explorer
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