HECO Chain Partners with StreamingFast to Provide Powerful Historical and Real-Time Data Streaming

HECO Chain, the DeFi-focused blockchain ecosystem, is happy to announce a partnership with StreamingFast, the industry leader in blockchain data streaming. SteamingFast will bring users of the HECO blockchain new capabilities that enable applications with greater performance that match the speed of HECO.

Some of the industry shifting features of StreamingFast include:

  • Simpler: use 90% less code. Single integration point to stream EVM data, from block 0 onto eternity. Get rid of those pesky retries, with a single reliable stream.
  • Cheaper: cut down on up to 99% of your Web3 calls. Use in-stream updates to HRC-20 balances, DEX reserves and any contract’s state updates. No more out-of-sync balanceOf() calls.
  • More reliable: read linearly, no more polling. Paradigm-shifting use of cursors for a reliable stream, guaranteed linearity, across disconnections and reorgs. Something native nodes with WebSockets can only dream about.
  • Faster access to real-time blocks. Get data earlier than traditional node providers (up to 48x faster). Instead of hitting one of 1000 nodes, most of them late because of propagation delays, StreamingFast nodes race to push out data to you.
  • Complete: full history at your fingertips. Stream blocks, transactions, events, state changes from genesis. Let go of your archive nodes.
  • Richest data, industry-wide. Trace-level data, full call graph, state changes, logs, keccak preimages, gas costs, Ether balance changes, internal transactions, input data & return data.

These, and StreamingFast’s many other powerful capabilities, will help developers building on HECO to deliver their projects cheaper, much faster, and with fluid and dynamic user experiences.

“It’s clear why many developers have been asking for StreamingFast’s service on HECO,” said Alexandre Bourget, CTO of StreamingFast. “Developers can now easily port their applications and trading strategies and take advantage of the fast speed and low costs of this blockchain.”

StreamingFast is currently working toward fully decentralizing its platform, offering a universal way to extract rich trace-level data from all blockchains, bundled in ways that can be both streamed at extreme speeds, and archived for direct access (without the burden of running native nodes). This will translate into better reliability for HECO developers, decreased data costs, additional data integrity, and the most reliable infrastructure, with StreamingFast nodes dispersed across the globe.

StreamingFast Decentralized Data Flow Stack

“Supporting and growing a top-tier decentralized blockchain ecosystem like HECO requires top-tier streaming infrastructure to match,” said the HECO team. “StreamingFast represents a whole new paradigm for the many applications already running on, or looking to port to, HECO.”

“We are delighted to be working alongside one of the fastest growing blockchains in the space, giving developers yet another incredible choice for where to deploy their smart contracts,” said Marc-Antoise Ross, CEO of StreamingFast.

About HECO

HECO Chain is a decentralized, high-efficiency, and energy-saving public chain. On the basis of supporting high-performance transactions, the compatibility of smart contracts is realized. HECO Chain’s native digital asset is HT, which uses the HPOS consensus mechanism.

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About StreamingFast

StreamingFast is a radically better infrastructure platform for Ethereum and other EVM-based blockchains. Rather than offering nodes-as-a-service, StreamingFast provides massively scalable streaming data, tailored to meet the requirements of decentralized platforms such as bridges, rollups, state mirroring, indexing services, and trading operations. StreamingFast enables you to build responsive, fluid interfaces that deliver exceptional user experiences.

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StreamingFast is a protocol infrastructure company that provides a massively scalable architecture for streaming blockchain data.

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StreamingFast is a protocol infrastructure company that provides a massively scalable architecture for streaming blockchain data.

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