StreamingFast Joins Hivemapper Ecosystem as Core Developer

3 min readOct 17, 2022


We are thrilled to announce StreamingFast’s latest complementary endeavour in the web3 space, as core developer in the Hivemapper ecosystem! We believe strongly in decentralization, and know that by deploying our expertise with other like-minded teams, we can help to build out the paradigm-shifting applications of tomorrow.

At StreamingFast, we get excited by many different facets of web3 and what it enables. Our core passion has been high performance data indexing solutions, notably our Firehose and Substreams innovations backing the most powerful decentralized indexing protocol, The Graph. We are also highly interested in the unique incentive alignment offered through token rewards, especially when it comes to Proof of Physical Work networks. We have closely followed the Helium network, created by Nova Labs, with StreamingFast team members running hundreds of hotspots around Canada. When learning about the decentralized maps made possible by Hivemapper, we were immediately interested and began reaching out to the Hivemapper team.

Why we’re excited about Hivemapper

We believe very strongly that Proof of Physical Work networks will have a major role in unlocking the power of both blockchain technology and a tokenized economy. Hivemapper is tackling a sector that we 21st century humans interact with on a daily basis, maps. From navigating ourselves through the world, to relying on 3rd party drivers like Uber and Lyft, or receiving packages from an online retailer, maps underpin it all.

As you navigate through the world, you’ll notice that it’s changing around us everyday, while maps can sometimes lag years behind those changes. From new roads in your town, to the delivery entrance to a warehouse being on a different street than the main entrance, fresh map data is critical to both everyday users and businesses.

Mapping the world in a timely fashion is no easy feat. Google Maps famously has their Street View cars roaming the world, but that lacks ubiquitous coverage, and at best you’d be lucky to see yearly refreshes of the views. It simply isn’t cost effective for one company to handle this on their own. That’s where Hivemapper turns the entire model on its head, building a grassroots movement of drivers who install Hivemapper Dashcams that collect 4K street-level imagery in exchange for Hivemapper’s HONEY token.

The utility that is enabled through cryptocurrency micropayments revolutionizes this space entirely, allowing users to be paid for supplying extremely granular data. After seeing the immense scale that the Helium network was able to attain with nearly 1 million hotspots deployed across their IoT network, we believe that Hivemapper will quickly follow suit.

What we’ll be working on

To start, StreamingFast will be working on two main aspects, fleet operation and data retrieval. We are in the process of spinning up our own fleet of Hivemapper Dashcams, so that we can fully understand the challenges of operating a fleet. As a fleet operators, you’ll require the ability to fully track the granular earnings and routes of your drivers, properly handle token splits between yourself and the drivers and have access to analytics to help boost your returns. With our deep expertise in data, we feel we are uniquely positioned to be an excellent ecosystem partner within Hivemapper.

As core developer for The Graph, StreamingFast is driving the work to bring a decentralized data indexing solution to Solana. With the fastest data tech stack in the industry, we’ll ensure that Hivemapper and all its contributors will have access to real-time blockchain data, allowing you to have proper visibility over your fleet.

We’ll be at Hivemapper’s Fleet Day, held October 20, 2022 in San Francisco to talk about all things fleet related. Reach out to us to connect if you’ll be there too!




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