StreamingFast Launches its Powerful Data Streaming Service on Binance Smart Chain

  • Simpler: use 90% less code. Single integration point to stream EVM data, from block 0 onto eternity. Get rid of those pesky retries, with a single reliable stream.
  • Cheaper: cut down on up to 99% of your Web3 calls. Use in-stream updates to BEP-20 balances, PancakeSwap reserves and any contract’s state updates. No more out-of-sync balanceOf() calls.
  • More reliable: read linearly, no more polling. Paradigm-shifting use of cursors for a reliable stream, guaranteed linearity, across disconnections and reorgs. Something native nodes with WebSockets can only dream about.
  • Faster access to real-time blocks. Get data earlier than traditional node providers (up to 48x faster). Instead of hitting one of 1000 nodes, most of them late because of propagation delays, StreamingFast nodes race to push out data to you.
  • Complete: full history at your fingertips. Stream blocks, transactions, events, state changes from genesis. Let go of your archive nodes.
  • Richest data, industry-wide. Trace-level data, full call graph, state changes, logs, keccak preimages, gas costs, Ether balance changes, internal transactions, input data & return data.
StreamingFast Decentralized Data Flow Stack



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StreamingFast is a protocol infrastructure company that provides a massively scalable architecture for streaming blockchain data.