Substreams Codegen — No-code Tool to Bootstrap Your Project

2 min readJun 28, 2024


It is now even easier to get started with Substreams! The latest version of the Substreams CLI offers a brand new version of the substreams init command, which allows you to bootstrap a Substreams project without touching a single line of code!

The Substreams Codegen

The Substreams Codegen (which stands for code generation) is a set of tools to help developers get started with Substreams.

Depending on the kind of Substreams you want to create (e.g. subgraph-based or SQL-based), the Codegen will ask you some questions to auto-generate a fully working project, with a complete developer environment and even remotely compile the project for you.

Current Codegen Generators
The generators are the different ways in which you can bootstrap your Substreams project, depending on your needs. At the time of writing, there are four generators: two for EVM chains and two for Injective.

For EVM chains, the auto-generation is based on the smart contract address. You can choose to track events, calls or both.

  • ethereum-subgraph: creates a Substreams-powered Subgraph for a variety of EVM chains.
  • ethereum-sql: creates an EVM Substreams that feeds an SQL database.

For Injective, the auto-generation is based on the events. You can choose to receive events or transactions filtered by a specific event type or some specific event attributes.

  • injective-subgraph: creates a Substreams-powered Subgraph that indexes Injective data.
  • injective-sql: creates an Injective Substreams that feeds an SQL database.

Get Started

Currently, the only way to access the code-generation tool is through the Substreams CLI (the substreams init command). However, in the future, we will make it accessible via the web, allowing non-technical users to create their own Substreams!

You can get started by following the tutorials in the Substreams documentation:




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