The Graph Network DAOs — The BuildersDAO

3 min readOct 27, 2023

The Graph is a prime example of what can be achieved when you bring together a decentralized group of builders, all working towards a common goal. The core protocol itself is led by several core development teams: Edge & Node, StreamingFast, Semiotic, The Guild, GraphOps, and Pinax. Beyond those teams, there are also hundreds of independent Indexers and tens of thousands of community members, all devoting their time and attention towards The Graph’s mission. In order to support the growth of this ecosystem, community members have launched three distinct DAO initiatives: the AdvocatesDAO, the BuildersDAO and IndexerDAO.

For those unaware, let’s start with what is a DAO?

A Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) is an organization that is managed by its members — who each hold voting rights. Every proposal in the DAO must be voted through a blockchain-backed voting system. Examples of which include adding new members added, spending of communal funds, creating grants/bounties, taking on certain work streams.

The AdvocatesDAO onboards new community members to The Graph ecosystem, enabling them to utilize their personal talents to help promote The Graph worldwide. The IndexerDAO onboards users looking to become an Indexer, while supporting those who already are.

In this article, we’ll dive deeper into what The BuildersDAO does.

The Mission

The Graph BuildersDAO has the mission of empowering developers to build within The Graph Network. At the moment, this means writing either subgraphs or Substreams, as well as Substreams-powered subgraphs. As other technologies become available within The Graph Network, BuildersDAO will also help to empower developers in those areas.

DAO Council member Derek says: “The BuildersDAO is going to become the default location to find subgraph and Substreams developers to help build and maintain subgraphs for teams who do not have an internal subgraph/Substreams dev, or if they simply don’t have the bandwidth. I’m very excited to see the DAO grow within our ecosystem.”


Currently, there are 31 members within the DAO (with a few applications still pending), each being voted in by existing members. Anyone is free to apply at the DAO’s website, For the moment, the DAO is only accepting developers who have demonstrable experience writing either subgraphs or Substreams, but in the future they will seek to expand this to also have members who can help with crafting more instructional content.


BuildersDAO has an internal bounty board, through which members can see any open opportunities. The scope of work will be defined for them, a final reviewer is assigned, along with a bounty. Bounties are typically paid in GRT, but if a protocol would like to use their own token, this can be setup — and would be known to members before they can begin the work.

At this moment, there are eight bounties currently in progress ranging in size from 10,000 GRT all the way up to 200,000 GRT. They are almost all exclusively focused on Substreams and Substreams-powered subgraphs, in an effort to meet the needs for Indexers to sync heavier subgraphs that may take months to get ready in their current form.

Any dapp that is looking to have a subgraph, Substreams, or Substreams-powered subgraph built for them, or to have an existing one upgraded for them, can reach out to the BuildersDAO directly to discuss. Simply join their Discord server and someone will be happy to help you through the process.

Want to find out more? You can also find the BuildersDAO monthly newsletters on The Graph blog, and join for their weekly Discord office hours Thursdays in The Graph Discord server.




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