Unveiling Substreams.dev: A comprehensive hub to discover, build, deploy, and share Substreams

3 min readNov 2, 2023

Today, we are thrilled to ship the first milestone of Substreams.dev with the registry. This open community repository of available Substreams is your go-to place for discovering, publishing, and managing modules. You can start exploring the Substreams modules built by The Graph ecosystem, check their definitions, inputs and outputs, and protobuf packages referenced. You are probably familiar with other package management solutions like npm, pypi/pip or Homebrew. Substreams.dev brings the same simplicity to the Substreams community.

This repository will streamline the developer experience, by offering rapid installation and seamless updates. Moreover, as the ecosystem grows and more packages are incorporated, the community will benefit exponentially. Each new module empowers developers to build their applications faster, fostering a cycle of innovation and amplifying value for everyone.

Already, more than 50 Substreams packages are available and users are adding new modules every day.

The roadmap

Our vision is to build a comprehensive application designed to elevate Substreams to a premier product status.

We are currently working on expanding Substreams.dev, making it into the main hub for all Substreams development. You can expect to find the following:

  • Registry: your go-to place for discovering, publishing, and managing modules. All of the data from the registry will be replicated to IPFS. This will also include a repository of available Substreams Services to make your data actionable, wherever you need it.
  • GUI: A graphical user interface for streaming data from Substreams modules obtained through the registry or developed locally. A better version of our CLI substreams gui.
  • Builder: An interface to develop new Substreams modules as a suite of code generation tools, allowing anyone to build packages without writing a single line of code.
  • Deploy: An interface to deploy Substreams-backed Services to The Graph Network.
  • Learning center: The entry point for new developers to the Substreams community, including documentation and other resources to quickly meet your needs.

Substreams and the future of blockchain data

Substreams, in a nutshell, enables developers to write Rust modules, composing data streams alongside the community, and provides extremely high-performance indexing by virtue of parallelization, in a streaming-first fashion.

This builds up a truly Shared Intelligence Layer of blockchain data, where the right people decode the data they know the most about, and give it to the next person who can then build upon. Those layers stack up to provide an ever increasing body of knowledge of on-chain data. Most importantly, it is done once and for all, with no compromise: it is done very early in the stack, supports historical and streaming data, and does not lock you up in a proprietary stack or any downstream data system.

Learn more about Substreams in our documentation.

The next chapter

Substreams.dev is more than just a product; it’s a growing ecosystem. As we step into the future, your engagement and contributions will be the catalyst propelling us all forward, together. Explore Substreams.dev, join our community on Discord and send us your feedback.

Let’s shape the future of open data services together.




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